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NameMore Than a Mailer Launch. It's a Referral and Commissions Machine
DescriptionI am excited to tell you about a proven mailer which just relaunched with tons of new features! The NEW Your Viral Mailer is so much more than just a high-converting safelist mailer now. It is now running on the 2.0 version of the Your Viral Network platform. This is the same platform that Unlock Your List used to add 4,000 members in under 6 weeks! The new platform is a complete game-changer because it brings all the power of a complete email marketing system You do not even need an autoresponder, or need to write a single email. Your Referrals will see compelling offers that turn your traffic into email subscribers. They receive emails from the Your Success Advantage autoresponder system coded with YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS, compelling them to join YOUR other programs Join the program today and link all your affiliate sites in the member's area. Join and link All the mailers and receive 17,000 credits! Send some traffic and watch it do it's magic! Rich Moyer
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NameMore REAL Solos than you could Use in a Year
DescriptionSee my new video that lays out a blueprint for you to get more ACTIVE Traffic (Solos, Credit Mail, SuperSolos) than you would be able to use in a full year. at an AMAZING price that won't break the bank.
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NameMyVIPContacts Pro
DescriptionAnnouncing MyVIPContacts. A New Unlimited Autoresponder By Dave Mosher. You know Dave - he owns over 250 Safelists Like Avalanche Safelist, Master Safelist Blaster and SimpleTextAdz and also owns 13+ Supernetworks His BRAND NEW Autoresponder has launched called MyVIPContacts./ You can join free to promote this site, but you only get access to ALL the UNLIMITED autoresponder functionality with the Pro Upgrade for only $10.97 per month. Network Marketing is a BUSINESS that you MUST TAKE SERIOUSLY and an Autoresponder is an Essential Tool!! You wouldn't want a plumber who does not own a wrench or a carpenter without a hammer or a swimming instructor without a pool, would you? Why You Need an Autoresponder The most important thing you can do in Network Marketing is BUILD YOUR LIST! * You do that by promoting on safelists or other advertising media, then * capturing the name and email of the lead with a Lead Capture Page (also called Squeeze Page, or Landing Page). * That lead's contact information is stored in the autoresponder, associated with the Campaign assigned to the Lead Capture Page. * Once they have "opted-in", they begin to receive the messages in the message stream for that Campaign. MyVIPContacts is a FULL FEATURED AUTORESPONDER * Unlimited leads storage - No limit on the number of subscribers. Your rate does not increase as you add subscribers * Unlimited campaigns - Think of a "campaign" as a "topic" that has a number of related messages about that topic (we'll call these messages a message stream). You can have an unlimited number of Campaigns (topics), with an unlimited number of messages in each stream (But I recommend keeping it to no more than 30) * Unlimited email delivery - You can send messages to all subscribers in a campaign, for an unlimited number of campaigns. No daily limit like some systems. * Unlimited LEAD CAPTURE PAGES. * MyVIPContacts also has an easy-to-use capture page builder. These are CUSTOM PAGES that YOU can create in 60 seconds!!! * 12 Top Safelist Gold Upgrades - GREAT traffic sites PLUS a total of 144 Custom Landing Pages in the Splashpage Builder Join MyVIPContacts. >>>>> Click the Credit Link An autoresponder is a cost of doing business in Network Marketing, an ESSENTIAL component that EVERY MARKETER MUST HAVE. Rich Moyer PS Dave just Added Motion Leads - free for all Pro members - Create INCREDIBLE Capture Pages in MINUTES with over 1900 images in the Image Library
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NameI Get Most Signups and Commissions Promoting Launches
DescriptionI LOVE Launches, especially of PROVEN Technology and Opportunity. Unlock Your List has signed up Over 3800 Members in 4 Weeks Since Launch I have gotten literally THOUSANDS of signups in the last couple years promoting the launches and re-launches of Your Viral Network mailer sites by Matthew Graves. I have gotten literally hundreds of MULTI-STREAM signups with Your Success Advantage, and I have gotten great results with Unlock Your List by Jeff Rogers that launched September 3rd Results are what counts. I personally got 64 referrals so far to Unlock Your List, including PAID MEMBERS, but that's not the full story. Since I started promoting this launch, I've gotten a BUNCH of new personal referrals to Your Success Advantage, a bunch of pass-ups, and signups to the 15 OTHER Your Viral Network mailer sites!!! This is evidence that these sites go beyond the hoopla and rush of launch and the PROCESS WORKS!!! Don't get discouraged with the stats for only Unlock Your List. The whole point is that once they are signed up to Unlock Your List or Your Success Advantage, they will be receiving FOLLOW-UP EMAILS that are promoting the other affiliate sites in the stream. For now, this includes ALL 18 OTHER MAILERS in the Your Viral Network. For YOU to take advantage of this huge LIST BUILDING and EARNING opportunity, you just need to join these sites as a free member. As a Lifetime Premium member, I can send EVERY DAY to ALL the Your Viral Network mailers. You can join each of these mailers as a free member, and earn 3 months of Premium by passing up 5 referrals. (Premium membership value GROWS as your referrals are PASSING UP THEIR REFERRALS TO YOU and also grows YOUR LIST. Stay tuned - it will make more sense when I tell you about Your Success Advantage). What is really cool is that I have all these sites LINKED so that I can create ONE EMAIL from ANY of these mailers (I like to send from 100 Percent Mailer since I am a Site Partner), and CLONE it to all the OTHER Your Viral Network Mailers with just a couple clicks. Upwards of 40,000 members for EVERY Email! Introducing Your Success Advantage Your Success Advantage that launched a couple weeks ago, is the next generation of Done-For-You LIST BUILDING and REVENUE-Generating systems. By Done-For-You, I mean that ALL THE HARD WORK is Done-For-You. You do not need to be an expert in marketing, you do not need an autoresponder, you do not need to write follow-up messages. All you do is to promote the Done-For-You Landing Pages using the tools that tell you the best and worst converting sites. The SYSTEM does the rest. With Your Success Advantage, your referrals see and JOIN YOUR linked Your Viral Network mailers and other affiliate opportunities as YOUR DOWNLINES. Now, with Your Success Advantage, each one of those mailer sites have the potential of getting signups FOR YOU, but your referrals are also automatically put into the Your Success Advantage message stream so they are given the opportunity to join ALL THE AFFILIATE OPPORTUNITIES as YOUR downline. Launching Unlock Your List Unlock Your List owned by Jeff Rogers, but on the same platform as Your Success Advantage, and tied in to the Your Success Advantage message stream. So, all your referrals can also be downlines in Your Success Advantage, EACH ONE of the Your Viral Network mailers, and OTHER FREE TO JOIN AFFILIATE PROGRAMS that will be presented to all Your Success Advantage and Unlock Your List referrals. So TAKE ACTION STARTING NOW Note: These are MY TRUSTED RESOURCES that I use personally. I USE WHAT I SELL or recommend My Recipe for Success This was a lot of information. To simplify this, DO THIS TODAY (all free to join): * Join Your Success Advantage * Join EACH ONE of the 18 Your Viral Network mailers * Sign Up for Unlock Your List * Link each one of your mailers to Unlock Your List (this will link them to Your Success Advantage and ALL the other mailer sites) * Promote Unlock Your List LIKE CRAZY using sites listed in the Best Converting Sites report in your UYL Member Area. * Every Week I will be sending an updated list of these sites I PERSONALLY USE. * Promote only with Solo Ads, Credit Mails, Super Solos (see SuperSolo Bogo) and Solo Blasters I List. Do NOT bother promoting with banners, text links or surf sites I will also tell you how to get 800 Solo Ads (+ ad packs and credits) on 80 sites for only $25. DO THIS NOW! Premium Member Benefits on Your Viral Network mailers * 1,000 Credits DAILY * Ability to Email DAILY * Double Credits When You Click Emails * 50% Commissions * Random Referrals from Matthew's Promotions * Viral Pass Up Referrals from Your Downline * Connect your Getresponse, Aweber or ConvertKit autoresponder If you follow this recipe, you will get an amazing list, and see amazing commissions. Understand it will take SOME TIME It will take SOME MONEY (ICPC GOLD for $25 , YSA and/or Unlock Your List monthly membership) It will require you to PROMOTE EVERY DAY using QUALITY TRAFFIC SOURCES Treat this LIKE A BUSINESS (because it IS YOUR BUSINESS) DO NOT GIVE UP. I am glad I am able to lay out this BLUEPRINT for you. I did it the hard way. Rich Moyer
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NameProfit From Free Ads - Get 70,000 Free Join Credits
DescriptionFast Listing Building. How do You build a list online fast? Give away Something of Value. Sign up under my link today and I will give you 70,000 Free Advertising Credits (Value $350) That is how I built a substantial list at PFFA that I can email every two days. Join for Free. Log in to your members area and choose an Ad Pack level that is right for you. You can make a full time living online promoting PFFA and using its amazingly responsive Solo Ad Mailer.
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Name#1 Goldmine
DescriptionYou'll want these HUGE ad submitters. Massive Exposure, Save Time, Get Signups, Make Money. I send to 332,000+ people in 3 minutes
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NameLeased Ad Space
DescriptionLeased Ad Space always has been a great traffic resource. Now it is also a GREAT Affiliate Opportunity! LAS Affiliates Now Earn on ALL SALES and do not need to upgrade to earn. LAS Affiliates Can Earn Up to 75% Commission on ALL Sales
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NameYour Viral List
DescriptionLike Letting a Genie out of the Bottle. Want a list? Snap! It's yours! Want increased conversions on all the traffic you are working hard to generate? Snap! Wish granted! Want other people to work as hard as you do to help you build your list? Snap! That one is done as well! If those are your wishes, then let me be your list building genie!
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